Lamplighter Public House

Long departed is the Lamplighter’s century old heritage as a dry goods store. A bastion of bourbon soaked history — still strong is its legacy as Gastown’s oldest and liveliest watering hole. Where shelved barley sacks and top hats were once sold in Rubinowitz Departmental, now stands an impressive 50 draught taps flanked by floor to ceiling windows exposing original brickwork behind cold, stacked beer kegs. Pinball and pool make for spirited games nights especially as the Lamp is home to the Manchester United supporters club.

A local craft beer focus paired with handsome cocktails and a humble yet modern menu truly brings this familiar public house to life. Every Vancouverite has a story and odds are, some of your own greatest exploits have begun, or ended, behind the Lamplighter’s famed doors.


Wed-Thur — 4pm-late
Fri-Sat — 4pm-3am

Happy Hour: Wed – Sat, 4pm – 6pm

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