Donnelly Fund

We serve people for a living. It’s our passion.

Donnelly Fund takes this ideal to the communities in which we do business as a social enterprise which empowers our people to foster a culture of giving.

This value is the belief that philanthropy, like hospitality, is about enriching people’s lives through service and compassion.

Over twenty years, Donnelly Fund has worked in the neighbourhoods and communities where we do business. Most notably, in the Downtown Eastside of our hometown of Vancouver who’s complex social issues demand compassion and empathy.

Donnelly Fund has made over $700,000 in charitable contributions, donated over 21,000 toys to kids in need through its annual Toy Drive, distributed nearly 5,000 hot meals over the holidays, collectively invested over 40,000 community hours, and given out almost 500 haircuts to marginalized people about to have a job interview.

It works principally with the Salvation Army along with many other programs such as Belkin House, Brave Youth, Boundless Vancouver, BC Cancer, Nellie’s Shelter and Special Olympics. Our annual Toy Drive has been the longest standing example of fostering a culture of giving amongst our people.

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