New Shareable Plates, with a side of fresh

Mike Robbins takes over the menu once again this winter season, showing his creativity on his seasonal signature dishes.


At the helm of Vancouver-darling and multi-award-winning AnnaLena restaurant is a friend of the group, Chef Mike Robbins. A celebrated and creative powerhouse, Mike is a collaborating chef on seasonal signature dishes bearing the mark of a contemporary yet approachable culinary style often found at his restaurants including AnnaLena, Their There, and Hundy.


One of our featured shareable starters is our Cured Tuna Tartare.  Expect clean fresh flavours with a little heat from the Sriacha spiced Tuna, crunchy croutons, and marinated cucumbers making this heightened dish a lovely snack for sharing between a friend or two.



Another exciting dish that we’re proud to introduce into the fleet of menu items at Donnelly is our Lemongrass Cumin beef.  The citrusy and lemony notes from the Lemongrass bring a bright and fresh flavour profile to the beef while not overpowering the dish.  The Beef is slow-cooked and marinated and topped with shaved daikon and cilantro.



Cured Tuna Tartare

So there you have it. Two new exciting menu items from our friend and local Chef Mike Robbins.  We are more than thrilled to continue this collaboration and look forward to renewing our menus items on a regular basis.

Pop in for a quick cocktail after work and give these new menu items a go.  They will not disappoint.

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