Chef Mike Robbins Takes Over the Menu

At the helm of Vancouver-darling and multi-award winning AnnaLena restaurant is friend of the group, Chef Mike Robbins. A celebrated and creative powerhouse, Mike is a collaborating chef on seasonal signature dishes bearing the mark of a contemporary yet approachable culinary style often found at his restaurants including Their There and Hundy.

You can find these dishes at most of our locations and we’ll be rolling out additional dishes soon.


Pancetta & Pineapple Pizza
sweet chili, tomato, mozzarella
(available at Sing Sing, Ballyhoo, Cinema)

Chicken Katsu Burger
crispy fried, bulldog sauce, cabbage, kewpie
(available at Sing Sing, Three Brits, Brass Fish, and Cinema)

BBQ Chicken Skewers
red pepper marinade, tahini sauce
(available at Sing Sing)

Five Spice Bolognese
spaghettini, grana padano, thai basil
(available at Sing Sing)

Tuna melt sandwich
confit tuna, dill kewpie mayo, fried pickles, aged cheddar
(Available at Brass Fish)


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