The Butcher & Bullock – New Home to Liverpool FC’s Vancouver Branch

Although we aspire to be forward thinking in our modern pub culture, there are some customary pub related traditions that we still hold dear.

One is football. English football. Yes, we love our NHL & NFL, but, in classic pub culture there will always be a soft spot for a sport that really exemplifies the true nature of a public house.

For generations, pubs and bars have been places for fans to go to celebrate (or lament) the results of their local club. The idea of a “Canucks bar” or a “Patriots bar” finds it roots in the London neighborhoods hundreds of years ago, where football clubs were not located apart in expansive, large metropolitan areas, but crammed together within regions or towns a mere miles apart. Where one could simply walk a few blocks and find themselves in the midst of a rival’s supporter fanbase. Ultimately, fans gathered close, and Pubs became a home away from home for like-minded sport fans to share stories.

In this longstanding tradition, we are elated to announce a new partnership with LFC Vancouver.

Scientifically proven to be one of the most loyal football supporters clubs on the planet (it’s science), The Liverpool FC supporters Vancouver branch brings dozens of loyal…and at times rabid…fans together to watch live matches at The Butcher & Bullock.

In spite of the time of the games (5:30am? Bring it) or who they’re playing we’ll be open, the sound will be on and the room will be filled with Reds supporters.

You are welcome to join.*

*United supporters excluded.

Have a look at the official LFC Supporters Club website here:


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