I write this post while in Cognac, France… which should let you all know how important the new venture is to me. It isn’t such an odd occurrence for me to get carte blanche for a cocktail program, but this time was different. This time, they flat out gave me a theme. The them just happens to be one of my all-time favourite spirit categories. They said “Build us a gin house.” I said sign me up.

Killjoy is a number of things. Gin is very important to the program , but it isn’t the be-all-end-all of the room. The food menu (designed by Donnelly Group Development Chef Alvin Pillay) boasts rotating selections of fine cheese and charcuterie from all over the world. There will be an assortment of house-made condiments and dishes to supplement the charcuterie as well.

The cocktails are split into 4 basic categories: Our house creations, classics, the Legends of Gin, and the Often overlooked cocktails that made gin famous. House cocktails will change periodically, while the classics will remain true to their original recipes wherever possible.

The legends of gin are cocktails created by the global brand ambassadors from all over the world who represent Gin to the fullest. These too will change occasionally.

The upstairs is utilizing the newest technology in tap wine, with a cocktail menu that was designed to fit in the Yaleown hustle and flow.

Projected opening is June 1 3 and space is limited. come early or expect to miss out.


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